Thursday, August 19, 2010

Be Flexible

NOTE: As some of you may know, there is currently some disruptions around South Africa by groups of government workers on strike. Please know that we are no where near the riots, and are taking every step possible to ensure our safety at all times.

Today, we all woke up more excited than ever. It was the day that we would complete the last of the eight schools, which meant that the remaining days would just be relaxing and going places. We were ready to leave on time, when we heard some news that made our hearts stop, and made our smiles disappear. As you may know, currently in South Africa, teachers are on strike and we were told to not attend the school today for our own safety.

People were rioting around our specific school and they often get very dangerous. As our hearts sank, we desperately thought of what we should do for the day. We decided to go to Morning Star to buy some of the many uniquely made cards and bags that we saw from our first visit. After everyone bought whatever they liked, we all quickly gathered and went to spend some time with the kids.

As we all played with the kids, there was one little girl who seemed to really like me. I noticed her just staring at me, smiling, as I got my butt kicked in a hula hoop contest by a young boy who is probably no older than three years old. As I hurried over to her, she started laughing and together we played on the swings. She didn’t want to stop and would shoo other children away to keep me to herself. Playing until they had to go for lunch, we then returned to the Scout Centre to work on our To Do list to help out the place that we’ve called home for the past two weeks.

Having PB&J for lunch, I don’t recommend the Pomelo Marmalade. It’s nasty. For the rest of the afternoon, I helped polish the Scout sign while other people raked the gardens, cleaned gutters and painted the window frames. It’s just a small way to return the favour of them putting up with us.

While today was supposed to be our last day of construction at the schools, things change and we have to change with them. Our Code of Conduct for this trip says we have to Be Flexible, and today we put that to the test. Hopefully tomorrow, we are able to complete our task of building the last water reservoir.

By Farrad

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