Saturday, August 28, 2010

Scout and Cub Day in Welkom

On our second last day in Welkom, we were all up early to prepare to host up to 400 cubs and scouts (in the end we had about 100 there) for a day of various activities ranging from compass work to carnival games. The day was divided into two sections. Before lunch, the activities were more fun and games whereas after lunch they were more skill building.

Along with Gillian, we were in charge of face painting. Popular designs were butterflies, hearts, bees, cats, dogs, beavers, rainbows and maple leaves. For most of the kids, face painting was a completely new experience. It is rare for them to have this opportunity. Growing up in Canada, face painting is very common at fairs and festivals. We can hardly keep track of how many times we have had our faces painted, but here seldom have ever had the chance.

Surprisingly, many of the kids wanted a beaver drawn on their face, which we found difficult. Almost all the kids had animals and shapes all over their faces when they left our station, and we even had time to draw on the other contingent members and ourselves before lunch.

After lunch, the kids lined up again at the flag poles. Since we were done working at the face painting station, we had the opportunity to join a patrol for the second half of the day. The activities, as mentioned, were more skill building during this half of the day, so the stations run were things like "How To Use A Drill" and "Turning On A Computer." They were skills that we normally wouldn't think to put into a program for days like this, but the kids learned a lot of interesting and useful things.

After everyone had gone through each activity, there was a short closing ceremony and those who were staying overnight went out to the tents in the back.

All in all, it was a very interesting day. Face painting was definitely a highlight. All the kids were so excited to look in the mirror at their face paintings, and it was very rewarding to think that we provided them with an opportunity that they normally wouldn't have.

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Brenna and Ivy
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