Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Greetings from Jo'burg

Greetings from Jo'burg,

This is just a quick blog to let everyone know that we are all safe and sound in Jo'burg. Leaving Welkom Sunday morning, we travelled to Mafikeng- the birthplace of Scouting. Here, we stayed at the SCENE (Scout Centre for Excellence in Nature and the Enviornment) Centre and toured Mafikeng, including the Old Main Hall (now a museum) and Baden-Powell Hall. We also visited a game reserve before heading out to Pilanesburg National Park. Here we went on a safari ride where we saw all types of animals! Last night, we drove to Jo'burg and are now staying at the Gilwell Centre. Today we went to the Cradle of Humankind and tomorrow we plan on visiting the Scout Shop, along with some other places. I'd go into more detail, but we have people who are writing blogs about our time here, and I don't want to steal their thunder.

Like we expected, internet access here is limited and hard to find. Currently, I'm sitting in an internet cafe while others do the grocery shopping for dinner. That means, if you don't hear from your kid, or have a daily update to this blog, we apologize, but are trying to be flexible. We expect that tomorrow evening (at the airport) we'll be able to access the internet and will update you, in detail, about all the wonderful things we've been doing.

The point of this blog, you ask? To let you know: we are safe, and having one incredible time.

Your fearless Patrol Leaders,
Gillian and Creighton

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